Monday, 7 December 2009

I have never in my life related more to an animated character than I have Sally Brown. But as I read through the day by day tear off calendar I have on my work desk (I had about 5 months or so between jobs, so one morning was devoted exclusively to getting my Peanuts calendar up to date), I realized, "Holy crap, I'm the 25 year-old manifestation of a child cartoon character."

At first glance you would think that Sally and I don't have much in common. For one, she's fictional and I am real. Another thing is, Charlie Brown is her older brother, and I'm the eldest of my three siblings. However, we're both girls. We both have blonde hair. And there's a good chance something like this could come out of my mouth:
I'm addressing Christmas cards. Aren't they cute? Each one has a little bunny on it dressed up like a shepherd. Don't say I'm not religious!

And I feel I fit this description: S
he has a "take it easy" approach to life, preferring to slide by while doing as little work as possible. Her favorite pastime is sitting in her beanbag chair watching TV. She can be stubborn sometimes, and is usually convinced she's right until someone proves her wrong, but she also has a good heart and a strong moral sense; like her older brother she is extremely sensitive to the unfairness of life.

I even called my mom to ask her if she thought I was Sally Brownish, and she agreed wholeheartedly.

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Moon Fever

I love that the whole Western World seems to have gone crazy for New Moon. Our local cinema sold out all the

showings a week before the film opened and added double the screens on opening night and sold them out in hours. Everyone I know is talking about it.

We’ve blogged the books and the first movie, Twilight, so it seems only right that I continue the tradition. And it helps that New Moon is epic.

This time around we have a new director, a hotter, buffer Taylor Lautner (playing Jacob Black) and a now world famous Rob Pattinson. It helps that both of these gentlemen spend a good portion of the film with their shirts removed. Thank you. I would also like to add that this blog entry is merely an excuse to post hot pictures of the aforementioned gentlemen.

Twilight has its moments of being good, but New Moon is genuinely exciting. The moment that Jacob (spoiler alert!) goes from being all goofy, long haired kid to super hot, intense werewolf man is very hot. Almost everyone I know is now Team Jacob which would have meant nothing to anyone a year ago.

Don’t get me wrong, guys will hate this film; but if you’re a female who is easily sucked into the latest fad (such as myself), then you’ve probably already seen New Moon, and are probably seeing it again. Soon.

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Monday, 23 November 2009

Battle Studies

Finally, after three years of messing about with famous women and popping up everywhere from Fantasy Factory to the Oscars, John Mayer has remembered that he’s actually a musician and he’s made an album!

When Battle Studies arrived on my doorstep last week, I was excited. I’m a big Mayer fan and I’d been following the process of recording and putting the record together through his website, twitter and some leaked live shows. I already knew a few songs on the album but the majority of the ten tracks were fresh to my ears.

And...I hated it. No, hate is too strong; I was disappointed. It was a departure from the blues/pop/rock that I’d grown used to the last few years. Instead, it sounds like a California, laid back rock record. Considering I’m currently in rainy, flood ravaged England anything that sounds like it should be accompanied by warm sunny breezes was a bit of a stretch. Plus it’s a concept album on heartbreak. Concept. Album.

Then I gave it some time. I felt it out, listened to it over and over and now...I love it. Now I can feel that warm sunny breeze and I like the laid back feel. I like that I don’t have to pretend to appreciate long guitar solos and can enjoy the lyrical quality. I still hate the cover art though. So. Bad.

My favourite tracks are Half of my Heart with our favourite Taylor Swift (although really, she should’ve had a lot more to do on the track than the measly three words she was given), Assassin is the coolest song I’ve heard in ages and Heartbreak Warfare makes me excited to see him live next year.

Welcome back Mayer. Let’s not make it such a long wait next time okay?

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Charlie Brooker

My lovely friend Adam who is quite possibly the only reader of this blog is a big Charlie Brooker fan. I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t really know who he was until one day; Adam told me he’d watched a show called ‘You Have Been Watching’. You Have Been Watching is a tv panel game where the contestants and host – Charlie Brooker – pretty much just rip television shows to shreds.

Brooker started life as an internet site editor where he used his wit and humour to express how much he didn’t like things. It was such a hit, that he was asked to create his TV show, NewsWipe which was followed by ScreenWipe. He also writes for the Guardian and created the Dead Set television series.

Back in September I wrote about the Media Guardian event I went to, and we were lucky enough to have Charlie Brooker come and do a masterclass for us. He was hilariously dour and miserable. I liked him a lot.

A few weeks ago, Adam bought me ‘Dawn of the Dumb’, a book which is a compilation of Brooker’s Guardian columns. The articles are bascically an attack on anything pop culture at the time of writing and they’re greatly entertaining. I don’t know why, but I love when people complain about stuff in a dry, witty manner. I sometimes think it would be so much easier to write a ‘It annoys us when...’ blog.

So if you feel like revelling in a little bit of misery and agreeing that really, a lot of stuff is shit, go and buy Charlie Brooker's book and join in with his disdain.

Obviously he would hate this.

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Monday, 2 November 2009

Ear Muffs

After some unseasonably warm weather, we’ve now hit winter in the UK. I love the sunshine, but there’s something lovely about getting wrapped up in a coat, gloves and a hat and braving the cold.

I’m a big fan of hats, but sometimes you don’t want to go into class or work with hat hair. This is why this year, I will be rocking the ear muffs. They’re cute, kitsch and you don’t have to worry about messing up your perfectly styled (or in my case not) hair.

My ear muffs are the ones above. They are from accessorize who have a great selection this year, although they’re a little pricey at £16 a pair. I had mine as an early Christmas gift so I didn’t feel so guilty. I think that a lot of high street stores in the UK are running their own selections though – ear muffs are in!

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Friday, 9 October 2009

The JAM wedding

Nicci and I are both Office fans and I think I speak for us both when I say that the wedding of Jim and Pam has been the TV moment we’ve both been waiting for.

I watched as Jim loitered by reception a little too long in season 1 and made puppy dog eyes at Pam while she left at 5pm each night with Roy. I was on the edge of my seat when the twenty two second silence between them on the Booze Cruise pointed toward a shift in their relationship. My heart lept into my throat when Jim announced ‘I’m in love with you’ and Pam answered with ‘I can’t’. My hopes were dashed when Jim went to Stamford and a new voice in background answered the phone with ‘Dunder Mifflin, this is...’

Then Jim came back! But he had a Karen! I cried a little with Pam in the corridor and wanted to comfort her but Dwight got there first and talked about PMS. I felt pleasure in Karen’s misery when Jim admitted that he still loved Pam but booed loudly when Pam went home with Roy at Phyllis’ wedding. Then fancy new Beesley got up in front of the Office after walking over hot coals and admitted that she missed Jim. It was bye bye Karen, hello PB & J. The tears in Pam’s eyes when Jim asked her out to dinner were mirrored in mine.

I longed for my own Jim while Pam fell more in love with hers. A few fake-out proposals later and they got their perfect moment in the rain and Pam got a ring on her finger. Pam came back the wrong way to be with Jim and he bought her a house. Now they’re knocked up and proud and just had the wedding (or two) of the year. Getting married under Niagra Falls is an epic topper to an epic relationship.

Not only that, but this happened:


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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Paramore: Brand New Eyes

I love Paramore.
I’ve made it no secret that I love Hayley Williams and want to be her. She’s super talented and is the lead singer of a cool rock band and she’s not even 21 yet. I also covet her hair. I long to be alternative with red hair but when I suggested it to my hairdresser, she politely reminded me that I’m the palest woman in a thirty mile radius and I should avoid washing myself out anymore.

Brand New Eyes is Paramore’s new album; number three. I love it already and have been playing it over and over. It’s not a big departure from Riot or All We Know is Falling, it has some ‘turn up and scream along’ songs, but it also has some pretty, slower tempo tunes. There are eleven new tracks, with Decode, their song from the Twilight soundtrack, making twelve.

I love, love, love Looking Up, it reminds me of travelling. Listening to the lyrics, there are a few nods to the band almost breaking up a while back, but never fear for they are here to stay! .... I hope.

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Taylor Swift

We’ve been doing this blog for a year now, and although we agree on many of the things we post on here, Nicci and I have never written an entry together. And what is the honoured topic for this occasion? Well its right up there in bold. Taylor Swift.

Not only does she produce insanely catchy pop/country crossover songs, but she writes them, and performs them live. This is not a common occurrence in the world of teen pop idols. Her video for You Belong With Me is dorky and cute and the kind of video I would have made if I ever had an ounce of music talent or was a pop star. Playing two characters fighting over the same boy? Having a Cinderella style prom ending? Wearing huge geeky glasses? All amazing.

Sometimes I think that Taylor wrote the story of my teenage and early twenty years a few years too late. It’s amazing how relatable her songs are. Case and point: I sent a text to one of my best friends saying, “Youtube “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift.” She responded almost immediately saying, “Oh dear, that is us.” And there are like fourteen other songs of hers that tell the story of my life. I really think that most anyone can pinpoint a song on any of her two albums, or even a track of hers floating around that hasn’t found a home on an album and relate to it on an extremely personal level.

Not only does Taylor have major talent, but she genuinely seems like a classy and humble lady. She’s only nineteen, and where she could be out underage drinking and getting into cars sans underwear, she instead holds herself with respect. Her Twitter posts are witty, sweet and she never has a bad word to say about others. In other news, I covet her eyeliner. I, Nicci, love her because she represents for the tall girls. I should also add that besides her representing for the tall girls, she always seems legitimately excited to be wherever she is performing, always makes time for her fans, and seems genuinely interested in what her fans has to say and makes them feel like they’re one of her best friends.

Its rather topical for us to blog about Taylor. Since Sunday night she’s been the talk of internet Kanye West and his ever growing ego tried to steal her limelight with a jumped up idea of how he rules the world and ergo, award ceremonies. He’s almost twice Taylor’s age and yet she has a thousand times more class, composure and humility. Guess he's just mad because she's outsold him and his 808 repetitiveness.

Mostly we like her because we would like to be her best friend.

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Saturday, 5 September 2009

(500) Days of Summer

My friends tease me because although we watch a lot of movies, I rarely find one that I love. I like a lot of movies, but there’s always something which ruins it for me – an unbelievable plot twist, an annoying character, an unnaturally happy ending – it seems I can’t be pleased. Two movies lately though, I have loved. One was Up! Which I got to see in Spain before it’s released here in the UK in October. And one I saw last night, (500) Days of Summer.

Everything about this film was perfect for me. It was quirky and different with its non-chronological storytelling and direction. Zooey Deschanel is appealing, even though she continues to play the same character in every movie she’s been in. What I really loved though, was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It was great to see him in something cute and endearing instead of dark and unravelling. I’ve liked a lot of his work, Brick especially, but in this he was adorable. He can look so in love that it makes your heart flutter, and then when

he’s playing heartbroken, it makes you think of every time you’ve had it happen to you. On a side note, the wardrobe department sure know how to make him look amazing in a handsomely dorky kind of way.

It may not be the intellectual film of the decade, but it’s really enjoyable and I

loved it. See it if you get a chance, it’s real, funny and wonderful.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Network

I can’t begin to explain how great this experience is. There is no way you would get an opportunity to meet and question such a wide range of media professionals in one place in any other forum. In four days, I have been to talks by MTV and BBC bosses, Q&A sessions with Russell Howard and a team of TV station high levels, had masterclasses with the hilarious Charlie Brooker and Inbetweeners writer Damon Beesley and stars of the show Simon Bird and James Buckley.

I had the opportunity to be part of a workshop team working with Sky Creative to devise a 360 digital media campaign for the Sky Arts show Songbook (one of our campaigns will actually be used by Sky). We were lucky enough to get to listen to the (now infamously controversial) McTaggert lecture by James Murdoch, attend the Television Channel of the Year awards hosted by Michael McIntyre, attended by media professionals and actors such as Dominic West (McNulty! McNulty from The Wire!), plus lots more. Not only all this, but all the while the Fringe Festival is taking over the city and any spare time we had could be spent seeking out quirky, hilarious, off kilter performances in the most random of venues.

The Network is free. You have to get yourself to Edinburgh, but from then on, food and accommodation is free and there’s even some free drink thrown in for good measure. You have to apply for the scheme by providing a short TV show pitch and other such questions, and from these applications (three thousand this year), they chose one hundred and fifty people to participate in the scheme. Its exclusive, but it’s amazing. If you have any interest in a career in television, or the media in general, you should get yourself on the Network.

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Monday, 27 July 2009

Cupcakes Pt II

A while ago, I blogged about cupcakes.I'm doing it again because last week my friends and I got together and had a cupcake-athon of which these were the result.

We made chocolate chip and vanilla cupcakes and then went crazy with the decoration. I think everyone will agree that it’s the icing part that’s fun.

What I love about baking is that it can be a social activity. We spent a few hours hanging out, dancing to music and making delicious treats that we all got to take home. If everyone brings something different, it’s cheap and your imagination is the only limit.

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Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Sims3

I wouldn’t class myself as a computer geek as such. Sure, I have a blog and I like to play on photoshop, but I also have a social life and work and other pursuits... except, bye bye to those for a while because the Sims3 just entered my life.

I’ve been all about The Sims since the first game was released when I was about 14. I love the control, the creativity and the overall feeling of achievement that comes with creating a sim and seeing them through life successfully (or if you get bored, trapping them in a room so they die of hunger). Perhaps it says something about my personality that my Sims are always perfect, reaching the top of their career ladders, achieving their wants and lifetime goals, and raising perfect children.

With this new upgrade, the Sims are far more free willed and you can customise literally everything. The game runs smoothly on my eighteen month old laptop with no glitches or crashing, something which has never happened to me with a Sims game before. There is also no loading screens when you decide to leave the house and no more waiting around.

My only complaint is that you can’t speed the game up when your Sims are at work or school, but at least you can now chose what they do whilst there, which is a compromise I guess.

I just wish I could stop playing.

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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rainbow Eyeliner

I’m a big fan of eyeliner. I don’t feel like I’ve really made an effort unless my eyes are lined as well as mascaraed and shadowed (I believe I made up at least one word there). Sometimes though, black eyeliner can made my eyes look smaller, especially when I use it on my bottom lids. This is where the colour comes in.

You can get eyeliners now in pretty much any colour imaginable. This makes it very easy then, to match your eyeliner to your outfit, or just to add a splash of glamour to your day. I have big, blue eyes, so I tend to sketch a quick line of deep turquoise blue under my eyes before I go out. It makes my eyes look bigger and is eye-catching without being over the top.

Greens, purples, blues and bronzes are all fun colours to play with. You could go the whole way and trade in the black for colour, but personally, I like the flicked charcoal effect on my upper lash line. I'm desperate to try these high pigment shimmer pencils from Bourjois too. Check out their make-up class videos at the website, they'll make you eager to recreate some cool looks.

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Friday, 3 July 2009

Peanut Butter M&Ms

You can't get these beauties in the UK, so every time any of my friends or relatives visit the States, they always bring some peanut butter m&ms back for me to enjoy. I recently came home from a holiday in Florida with two large bags of them in my suitcase.

The slightly bitter, peanut buttery goodness is a great contrast with the sweet chocolate and crispy shell and it all combines to create a taste sensation! They are so moreish that once you open a pack, you're hard pressed to be good and limit your intake - i.e. portion control is a problem.

I have no idea why these aren't sold here in the UK, but it makes every trip to the US worthwhile.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I'm not exactly sure what possessed me to sing up for, but I'm kind of glad I did. I'm not exactly sure if there is another purpose behind it, besides to track what artists and songs you listen to, but I think it's kind of cool.

Like, I had no idea I listened to so much Girls Aloud...especially when none of my friends know who they are. I also had no idea that I'd Lie by Taylor Swift was the song I've listened to the most. However, that there was a tie between Michael Jackson's Bad and Knock You Down by Keri Hilson as the song I've listened to the most in 7 days. It also scrobbles (I have no idea what that means) to my iPod, so whatever I've listened to on there shows up on my

You can even rate your musical compatibility with people!

I even took a screenshot of my most played artists!

So, if you're interested in tracking your listening habits, I'd check out

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Friday, 29 May 2009

I love quizzes, or anything that tests my brain power. Therefore by default, I like With quizzes on everything from NFL players, to body parts with three letters, you can literally waste hours testing yourself. The best part is, you actually learn a thing or two in the process. My favourite quiz is the countries of the world and the more I play, the higher my score. I now know that the Solomon Islands are a country, as is Burkina Faso. It’s all invaluable knowledge!

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Friday, 22 May 2009


For the last two years, I've had this weird fascination with NASCAR. I have no idea why. Maybe because I've grown up around it, and living in Minnesota with no life has left me with nothing to do but hang out with my dad who will watch anything with a motor drive around in a circle or in some sort of pattern.

Once I gave in and started watching, I noticed something...some of the guys are super hot. I could go on and on about how I'm actually interested in the sport and blah blah blah, but I'll just post pictures of ho
t race car drivers.

Carl Edwards. He is my favorite. Sadly, he got married. He's also a good driver and does back flips when he wins. When I watched my first race and actually paid attention, I called him as the winner. He won!

Kasey Kahne! He is adorable. He is short too, but I won't hold that against long as he doesn't get married.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sometimes I am oddly attracted to him. I think it's his voice.

Martin Truex Jr. I went to a race on Saturday in Charlotte, and I really wanted him to win. He is from me!

While compiling this list I noticed something...not one J name. The golden rule around here is that generally any hot guy's name starts with J. This is Jamie McMurray. He's a hot guy with a J name.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Yes, yes, this is nothing new. Thanks to Gossip Girl, the headband has been in a revival for the last eighteen months at least, but it’s still going strong and I still like it.

A headband comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. There’s the straightforward coloured plastic band which is functional and compliments any outfit. I like the predictability, you put it in and it’s there to stay. The little combs keep it firmly in place and it’s no nonsense; no straying of strands or slipping.

The scarf band is the pretty one, the attention grabber and show off. The heavy pattern compliments a block colour outfit and looks stunning. Its summery, its bold and its very Gossip Girl. The downside to this one though, is that unless it’s heavily secured with hair grips, it’s likely to slip off your silky hair and then you have a battle to get it back before someone spots that its sitting round your neck.

The braided band is a mixture of both, it’s pretty and eye-catching, but its practical and it’ll sit still for far longer than the scarf. The fashion seems to be to wear this one on your forehead, but I am not for one minute following that look thank you. As usual, Rachel Bilson looks super cute in this:

Its not going away, so get involved and make your hair a little more exciting.

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Monday, 4 May 2009


Four losers who just want to get laid – sound familiar? The Inbetweeners isn’t breaking new ground with its subject, but it is the funniest thing on television. And yes, I did just use italics to stress my point.

Will’s Mum can’t afford to send him to private school anymore, so off he goes to the local comprehensive. Here he meets Simon, Neil and Jay, three sixteen year old boys who you would never date and who you would never want to be friends with...well Jay at least.

Series one followed the boys on their random adventures which included losing a car door at Thorpe Park, hitting a disabled girl in the face with a Frisbee and trying to get laid at caravan club.

Season two comes to an end this week on e4 in the UK, and I’m gutted. How is my Thursday night between 10pm - 10.30pm going to be spent now? How can I cope without hearing Jay’s imaginative and never ending words for the female anatomy? Will Simon ever get Carly to sleep with him? Will I ever find out if Neil has a brain?

If you haven’t seen inbetweeners, try it, you’ll like it. Probably best to leave your moral integrity at the door though. 

Catch up with the show at

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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


I’ve always been a bit miserly when it comes to make-up. I stick to brands at the cheaper end of the market; I am a Maybelline and Rimmel girl. Recently though, a very wonderful friend of mine gifted me with some Benefit make-up for my birthday and I’m in love!

I have 10 and BadGal eyeliner and wear both constantly. 10 is a highlighter and bronzer combo, which brightens your cheeks and gives you a healthy glow. I love it, and now if I go out without it on, I feel washed out (I am super pale – emulsion white – so it’s nice to have a bit of colour).

BadGal eyeliner is a soft pencil which is easy to blend. I have the fat version because I love me some eyeliner. It’s so easy to smudge and create smokey eyes for a fancy meal out or a night at the pub.

Benefit is more expensive than everyday make-up, but its good quality, smells lovely and comes in the cutest packaging. Each item comes with a little guide on how to use it to the best effect. I’m saving my pennies to replace some of my old warn out stuff with a little bit of class.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009


Earlier this week I had an on campus interview at a college, and I think it went pretty well. However, this blog will not be about the college. Trust me, it's a lovely campus and I'd be honored to work there.

I'm here to talk to you today about the shampoo and conditioner that were in the hotel room I stayed in.Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner is the best thing to ever happen to my head in a long time. It's just so refreshing, it makes my scalp tingle, and it smells amazing! It just wakes you up!

I am bummed at the moment because the mini bottle from the hotel is nearly empty, but today I plan on canvasing the city of St. Cloud to try and find some full sized bottles of this wonder shampoo and conditioner duo. I'm intrigued by the soap in the picture as well, I might have to get my hands on some of that too.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Spring has sprung in the UK! This is very exciting news because our good weather is few and far between. For the last couple of years our summers have been complete wash outs, so this year I’m going to enjoy spring while I can, just in case it’s the only warmth we get.

I love spring. The blacks and greys of winter fashion can be folded up and put in your bottom drawer and the bright dresses and vests of sunny weather can be worn with a smug smile. ‘Yes, it’s warm, and yes, this fabulous dress cost me £6 from Primark!’ The re-emergence of the flip-flop is also and exciting time for me, breaking them in again after six months of trainers and boots is always painful for one day, then rewarding for 100 more.

Spring is the time for blossom, cute baby animals and warmer, lighter evenings. I love driving home with the sun baking me through my car windows because my car is too old to have air-con and it’s too noisy to have the windows down on the motorway. My ipod playlists become poppier, my shoes become plimsolls and I have permanent marks on my nose from my sunglasses.

The best thing about Spring though, is that you can go to the park with your friends, have a picnic and chill out in the sunshine for free. Thank you Mother Nature.

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Tweet, Tweet

I first signed up for Twitter in January 2008. I didn't use it. I thought, "What the hell did I just sign up for? This makes no sense. Who in the world would use this?" I abandoned it.

Well, it turns out that everyone and their mother uses Twitter. Personally, my mother doesn't. Yet. She just got Facebook. I'll let her figure that out before I let her know what a Twitter is.

I don't have many "real" friends that use Twitter. I think I have one, and she is the only one who gets my updates. I do have 7 followers though, and I'm kind of creeped out by that but I doubt they read what I write, or tweet. Daniel Radcliffe follows me though, I think it's because he knows I saw him naked.

For some reason I thought it would be awesome to get the people I follow Tweets sent to my phone. I mostly follow celebrities.

At first it was cool, I would text Cat to tell her that it feels like John Mayer is sending me texts, and I'm a loser and think that's awesome. Now I wake up to like 15 John Mayer Tweets, and when he was still with Jennifer Aniston I cursed him and thought he has to have better things to do right now then Jennifer Aniston. Rainn Wilson from The Office Tweets A LOT. As I write this blog he has sent 4 Tweets. I am dead serious. I mean, I'm not that upset about it because I still get them to my phone, but it's kind of weird to me how this thing has caught on., that's where to do it. Follow me! I'm nsunny!
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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lady GaGa

Her music I can take or leave, but Lady GaGa herself is pretty darn fabulous. The name alone is wonderful, Lady GaGa. It promotes images of royalty but also of ridiculousness. I love it!

Even though Just Dance and Pokerface are constantly on the radio, I am not yet tired of Gaga, because she does things like this:

Yes, that is a zipper over her eye and yes, that is fabulous. I love that she is all about the image and performance. She embodies what it means to be a performer. She’s on all the time. She thinks about every aspect of her persona and that will make her an icon, just like Madonna with her conical bras before her. On her recent trip to the UK, GaGa was often photographed leaving clubs wearing things like this:

I live in the UK, and let me tell you, February is pretty chilly here, certainly not bra and skirt weather. It seems as though wearing a shirt and trousers is offensive to GaGa, only one or the other must be worn, never both.

I found this on her official bio at her website: ‘GaGa adds with a wink in her eye, “And, now, I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.”’ Oh Gaga, change the world you will. Soon we’ll all be zipping one eye shut before we bust out our bows made of hair.

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Thursday, 9 April 2009


This spring I have developed a sunglasses habit. I keep buying them, and I’m not even sure why. What I do know, from the two pairs sitting on my shelf, is that my buying tendency is towards aviators. I have a navy/black pair and a white pair. I rock the dark pair with leggings and long cardigans and the white pair with this cute white and navy dress I got last week.

The navy/black aviators are all business - they say ‘yes, it’s sunny and I think I’m cool’; they get the job done. The white rimmed ones are my ‘LOOK AT ME’ pair. They are not worn regularly, but instead compliment certain outfits. I feel their time might come while away on holiday in June, but there’s two months worth of sunglass buying time between now and then, so who knows.

You don’t need to be a cop or a pilot to look good in aviators, just wear them with confidence.

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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Double Choc Muffins

I love baking. Its fun, its cathartic and you get to eat the finished product. My new favourite creations are these double chocolate muffins:

I found the recipe by chance last week. I was staying with a friend in Poland and I was looking through one of her baking books (it was in English, I’m not that awesome). Folded in between two pages was a photocopy of this recipe, and I have no idea where it was originally from, but it was as though fate meant for us to find one another.

To make your own, here’s the breakdown:
(apologies to any American’s, but in the UK we deal in ounces and grams, none of this cup business)

9oz (255g) plain flour
2 tsps baking powder
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
½ tsp salt
5oz (140g) caster sugar
4 tblsp cocoa powder
1 egg
250ml milk
1 tsp vanilla essence
90ml vegetable oil
Choc chips/chunks

Pre-heat oven to 375-400F (190-200°C [I have a fan oven so I set it to about 170°C], gas mark 5-6). Prepare a muffin tray with cases; this amount of mixture should comfortably make 12 muffins. 

Sieve the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Beat the egg in a separate bowl and add the milk and oil. Poor the wet mixture into the dry and mix, don’t beat it - it’s okay if it’s lumpy as long as it’s all mixed in. Divide into muffin cases so each case is two thirds full with mixture. Take your chocolate chips (I just buy a bar and cut it into chunks) and push into the top of each case, put at least four chunks. If you want them super chocolatey, mix some in when you add the milk, egg and oil.

Bake for 20-25 minutes [again, our fan oven only takes about 10 minutes]. Test by breaking the surface with a sharp knife, if the knife comes out clear, they’re ready.


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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Rupert Friend

Why can't I see a film without falling in love with the leading man? Instead of turning this post into an analysis of my real-life-love deprived psyche, let’s just present the facts:

1. Rupert Friend looks very dashing in a costume drama:

2. He looks like Orlando Bloom:

3. He makes some interesting movies: The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, The Young Victoria, Pride and Prejudice, The Libertine...

4. He dates Keira Knightly, but we can’t all be perfect so I’m willing to overlook this fact. As a side note, the cheekbones on these two are wondrous.

Yes or No? I would consider this a ‘yes, I definitely would’.

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