Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cookies and Cream KitKat

Many of my posts on this blog are regarding food which, while incredibly unhealthy, tastes heavenly. Fear not, for change will not come soon! Step forward Cookies and Cream KitKat.

In London, there is a store of dreams called cyber candy (visit online here). Anytime we find ourselves near Covent Garden, my friends and I will visit and spend ridiculous amounts of money on imported candy and foodstuffs from foreign countries. It was my birthday recently, which coincided with my friend Caff’s trip to the capital. She returned with the aforementioned KitKat for me.

I have previously blogged about my love of the KitKat, but I had never heard of the cookies and cream variety. I have since learned this beauty is sold in Australia and New Zealand. Turns out it’s a treat which will live on in memory as a perfect blend of gluttony and awesomeness.

The cookies and cream KitKat resembles a KitKat chunky, but instead of the line of wafer, it has a base of Oreo cookie. Sleeping on top of this layer, like the hottest boyfriend you ever had, is a delicious creamy paste that tastes like the white inside part of a kinder egg. Inside this paste are sporadic moments of loveliness conveyed in the form of Oreo cookie chunks. Basically, its perfection. Almost.

Because there is no ying without yang, there must be a downside and the KitKat is no exception. The combo of chocolate, cookie, weird white paste and more cookies, is a devastating sugar overload that can fell even the most seasoned KitKat consumer. It took me about an hour to actually eat the whole bar, having to rest between bites and allow the sugar wave to subside before launching in for the next beautiful mouthful of goodness. This ‘downside’ has a silver lining however. It makes the bar last, which when you’re paying four times the cost of a normal kitkat, can only be a good thing.

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Sunday, 22 February 2009


Until a few weeks ago, I was oblivious to Midlake. A friend gave me their first CD and urged me to listen to it. It was awesome.

The band is from Texas, and if I were pigeonholing them, I’d say are a cross between Flaming Lips and Rilo Kiley.

Check them out at their official website:

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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My friend Dan

All the way from the ATL, my friend Dan has amazing talent of the creative variety. We may live over three and a half thousand miles away from one another, but she always remembers me and sends me the cutest cards and gifts.

For my upcoming birthday, she made me a hair band and necklace. As well as sending a Vera scarf and homemade card. I love homemade cards and gifts. I would rather have one thing homemade than something brought from a shop worth hundreds of pounds. When you make something for someone, you put in effort and while you make it, you’re thinking of them.

Dan has her own blog at Dan Dan Noodles  in which she posts some of her projects and tutorials. She also writes a blog for The Vera Company here: The Vera Company

In the past, she has made me this necklace and headband, which are staple accessory choices for me. The scarf is the aforementioned birthday gift. I tied it using one of her tutorials on The Vera Company blog.

Thank you Dan, you are truly awesome.

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Sunday, 15 February 2009

John Mayer being funny

CBS announced last month that they have optioned John Mayer to create and present a musical variety style show for them. The show will premiere sometime this year.

I have mixed views about this. I think that Mayer is fun-ny. Other people think that he’s an egomaniac, a douche, an attention whore.... I think he has a touch of all these things, but they are what make him witty. I’m worried though, the guy hasn’t made an album in almost three years and I’m bored to waiting while he gets distracted with one thing (read: woman) after another.

So in the spirit of Mayer’s comedy talent, and my anticipation and hope that his show doesn’t suck, here is a video that I like.

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Zeedonk

The Zeedonk is almost one of a kind. Back in 1971, Colchester Zoo had a little accident when they put their donkey heard in with their zebras. The Zeedonk was born and started a little craze that saw zoos around the UK trying to recreate their own unique sub-species. Now that we’re all nature conscious, Zeedonk breading has been put on hold and so Colchester Zoo’s little guy is all alone.

A Zeedonk basically looks like a donkey with zebra print leg warmers on. As with other crossbreeds, they are infertile, so no baby donks on the way. I love the Zeedonk because it’s so unique and I always feel so sad when I see him at the zoo and he’s all alone.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Text Messaging

Some people say it’s impersonal but I say its fun and sociable. You don’t always have the time to call someone, or enough to say when you do. With text messaging, you can let someone know you’re thinking of them with a few taps of your thumb. 

I just discovered that my phone can text other countries so Nicci and I have been taking the randomness to a new level across the pond. Sending a text to America to say ‘hey, by the way I think I have a crush on Ben Affleck.’ is a lot easier than sending a letter, postcard or even logging on and sending an email.

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Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Black Balloon

The Black Balloon is small Australian indie film that borrows from What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and has amazing performances from Toni Collette, Rhys Wakefield and Luke Ford. 

The film follows Thomas (played by Wakefield) as he adjusts to moving to a new town while coping with a disabled brother who suffers from autism and ADHD. His Mother is pregnant, and Thomas must help out with his brother's care when she is put on bed rest. On top of all this, he is struggling his way through first love with Jackie (Gemma Ward). 

The Black Balloon is funny, heartbreaking, intelligent and absorbing. Just like Gilbert Grape, Thomas struggles with the anger he feels toward his brother and himself for feeling such a way. I was completely absorbed with their world and loved the quirky nineties nostalgia the film has. 

Toni Collette is outstanding in everything she does, and this is no exception. I was very surprised by Rhys Wakefield, Home and Away never showed his potential as a good actor and I'm really excited to see how he develops. Luke Ward is so compelling as the autistic Charlie that it's hard to believe that he's acting. 

See the film. Its why small films should be made.

Visit the website:
Buy the movie:
The Black Balloon

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