Friday, 29 May 2009

I love quizzes, or anything that tests my brain power. Therefore by default, I like With quizzes on everything from NFL players, to body parts with three letters, you can literally waste hours testing yourself. The best part is, you actually learn a thing or two in the process. My favourite quiz is the countries of the world and the more I play, the higher my score. I now know that the Solomon Islands are a country, as is Burkina Faso. It’s all invaluable knowledge!

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Friday, 22 May 2009


For the last two years, I've had this weird fascination with NASCAR. I have no idea why. Maybe because I've grown up around it, and living in Minnesota with no life has left me with nothing to do but hang out with my dad who will watch anything with a motor drive around in a circle or in some sort of pattern.

Once I gave in and started watching, I noticed something...some of the guys are super hot. I could go on and on about how I'm actually interested in the sport and blah blah blah, but I'll just post pictures of ho
t race car drivers.

Carl Edwards. He is my favorite. Sadly, he got married. He's also a good driver and does back flips when he wins. When I watched my first race and actually paid attention, I called him as the winner. He won!

Kasey Kahne! He is adorable. He is short too, but I won't hold that against long as he doesn't get married.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sometimes I am oddly attracted to him. I think it's his voice.

Martin Truex Jr. I went to a race on Saturday in Charlotte, and I really wanted him to win. He is from me!

While compiling this list I noticed something...not one J name. The golden rule around here is that generally any hot guy's name starts with J. This is Jamie McMurray. He's a hot guy with a J name.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Yes, yes, this is nothing new. Thanks to Gossip Girl, the headband has been in a revival for the last eighteen months at least, but it’s still going strong and I still like it.

A headband comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. There’s the straightforward coloured plastic band which is functional and compliments any outfit. I like the predictability, you put it in and it’s there to stay. The little combs keep it firmly in place and it’s no nonsense; no straying of strands or slipping.

The scarf band is the pretty one, the attention grabber and show off. The heavy pattern compliments a block colour outfit and looks stunning. Its summery, its bold and its very Gossip Girl. The downside to this one though, is that unless it’s heavily secured with hair grips, it’s likely to slip off your silky hair and then you have a battle to get it back before someone spots that its sitting round your neck.

The braided band is a mixture of both, it’s pretty and eye-catching, but its practical and it’ll sit still for far longer than the scarf. The fashion seems to be to wear this one on your forehead, but I am not for one minute following that look thank you. As usual, Rachel Bilson looks super cute in this:

Its not going away, so get involved and make your hair a little more exciting.

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Monday, 4 May 2009


Four losers who just want to get laid – sound familiar? The Inbetweeners isn’t breaking new ground with its subject, but it is the funniest thing on television. And yes, I did just use italics to stress my point.

Will’s Mum can’t afford to send him to private school anymore, so off he goes to the local comprehensive. Here he meets Simon, Neil and Jay, three sixteen year old boys who you would never date and who you would never want to be friends with...well Jay at least.

Series one followed the boys on their random adventures which included losing a car door at Thorpe Park, hitting a disabled girl in the face with a Frisbee and trying to get laid at caravan club.

Season two comes to an end this week on e4 in the UK, and I’m gutted. How is my Thursday night between 10pm - 10.30pm going to be spent now? How can I cope without hearing Jay’s imaginative and never ending words for the female anatomy? Will Simon ever get Carly to sleep with him? Will I ever find out if Neil has a brain?

If you haven’t seen inbetweeners, try it, you’ll like it. Probably best to leave your moral integrity at the door though. 

Catch up with the show at

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