Thursday, 30 October 2008

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

This show has been running for years and I've been a casual viewer since I was allowed to stay up past 9pm (a whole two years now. Ba dum dum!). Now I'm hooked. For those not in the know, Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a music based panel quiz show with two teams who don't really care about the scores, or the questions, but instead, who can be funnier while answering them. It's shown on BBC2 in the UK.

In my humble opinion, the show has gotten better since Simon Amstell took over from Mark Lamarr. I don't care what they say, sarcastic = funny. I just watched this weeks episode and laughed so loud I could be heard throughout the house. That is not a common occurrence.

The show is funniest when an egotistical, self absorbed musician can't laugh at themselves and wears sunglasses the whole way through. Even better when they walk out and are replaced by an audience member a la Preston from the Ordinary Boys.

You can watch it online at BBC iplayer.

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Friday, 24 October 2008

Girls Aloud

1. Their songs are stupidly catchy. Not one of their singles has been rubbish, and that’s five years worth of singles. Their new song ‘promises’ is another example of the unashamedly pop kitsch that they do best. Whoever is writing their songs should be getting paid, a lot.

2.  They are insanely hot. Each time I see Cheryl Cole on X-Factor, my girl-crush on her grows.

3. They wear sparkly dresses and sometimes sing live, like this:


4. I want to be in Girls Aloud.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Dark Chocolate Kit Kats

I have a new obsession. I’ve always been a huge milk chocolate fan (namely Cadbury’s), but recently my allegiance has shifted to that ebony temptress, dark chocolate. Kit Kats are the best; the mix of slightly bitter chocolate with wafer is too much. I look to be putting on at least half a stone in the next few weeks due solely to Kit Kat consumption. And the best part? Dark chocolate is actually good for you! It contains anti-oxidents and can help to lower blood pressure. Crazy!

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Saturday, 18 October 2008


I can't stop listening to Paramore.

Riot is their current album and has the tunes you probably know, Misery Business, CrushCrushCrush and the like. All We Know is Falling is their debut effort, recorded in the aftermath of the departure of one of the founding members. This is the album I can't see to push the stop button on. Its full of catchy, rocky, heartfelt tunes. Its good for cranking the volume in the car and singing along like no-one can see you.

I like Hayley Williams. She has cool red hair (which for 12 seconds I thought I might emulate, then remembered I'm 23 and shouldn't be doing that anymore). She's also only 20, so of course I am insanely jealous that she's immensely talented and the lead singer of a huge band while I am not.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Chuck vs. Ed

I am facing a serious dilemma.
And by serious, I mean not at all serious.

Who do I have a crush on?

Ed Westwick

or Chuck Bass?
I've spent the last two days watching the first season of Gossip Girl. Even though Chace Crawford is gorgeous, and Penn Badgely is a dead ringer for JM, I think it's Chuck that does it for me. But, when I watch youtube videos of Ed Westwick, and I feel nothing. BUT! There was an interview yesterday with Ed, and they asked him to say something Chuck would say, and he did, and I liked it.
The sad thing is I have really given this thought, and really have asked lots of people what choice they think I should make. I think the only real conclusion I've come to is that Gossip Girl is crack, and I am sad that I have class on Monday nights and can' get home in time to watch it.
Thank God for watching episodes online!
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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Zach Gilford

What a cutie Zach Gilford is. He stole my heart playing reluctant quarterback Matt Saracen on the TV adaptation of the movie Friday Night Lights, shown on ITV4 for about three episodes in the UK before it was taken off the air (buy the boxset!).

Wikipedia tells me that Zach spends his summer hiatus from the show leading youth expeditions to places like Alaska and Hawaii. Not only does that show that he has no ego, but it makes me want to be an American youth so I can follow him up a volcano or something.  

Friday Night Lights is finally back for a third season showing exclusively on Direct TV. I for one cannot wait to see more hot, sweaty boys playing American Football.

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Friday, 3 October 2008


Lost and X-Files got drunk, one thing led to another and this little bundle of joy appeared. It borrows heavily from the X-Files case load of paranormal happenings and unresolved sexual tension, along with the production scale of Lost, and it’s habit of providing more questions than answers.

The brain-child of JJ Abrams (creator of the aforementioned Lost), this show is part of Fox’s fall schedule and just got a full season order. The first episode is a feature length 90 minutes and sets us up with a plane landing itself at Boston's Logan Airport with everyone on board reduced to a pile of rotting flesh hanging off bones. Awesome! The rest of the episodes so far are an entertaining mix of spooky, crazy, witty and quite frankly idiotic writing. I love it. None of the science stuff really makes an ounce of sense, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re already hooked.


The cast includes the ever wonderful and cute Joshua Jackson who is basically Pacey Witter all grown up (with a few extra IQ points and having cut annoying Joey Potter free). His crazy daddy is a mad scientist who messed around with too much in the eighties and subsequently ended up in a mental hospital. Add in the flawless Olivia, FBI super agent and a few scary bald guys and you have yourself a hit!

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