Saturday, 18 October 2008


I can't stop listening to Paramore.

Riot is their current album and has the tunes you probably know, Misery Business, CrushCrushCrush and the like. All We Know is Falling is their debut effort, recorded in the aftermath of the departure of one of the founding members. This is the album I can't see to push the stop button on. Its full of catchy, rocky, heartfelt tunes. Its good for cranking the volume in the car and singing along like no-one can see you.

I like Hayley Williams. She has cool red hair (which for 12 seconds I thought I might emulate, then remembered I'm 23 and shouldn't be doing that anymore). She's also only 20, so of course I am insanely jealous that she's immensely talented and the lead singer of a huge band while I am not.

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