Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Style

We all know that I adore 500 Days of Summer, and since then, I have had my eye on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s cute, there’s no doubt about it. But what puts him above the other actors of his generation who appear in monthly magazine publications is his style. Someone somewhere knows how to dress him. From cute sweater vests and skinny ties in 500 Days, to well cut suits and cool t-shirts, JGL has got the fashion thing down. Every guy I know wants to dress like him, and every girl I know wants their boyfriend to dress like him.

Not only does he have fashion style, but ol’ Joe is starting to make an impact in the production world with his ‘hitRECord’ manifesto. Bringing together film makers, artists and musicians online to create shared content that if sold, benefits all contributors.

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Monday, 3 May 2010

Blue Sky Noise - Circa Survive

Circa Survive: I promise I don’t want to like them, but I just can’t help it, Blue Sky Noise is just so darn catchy!

I fought it every step of the way, Anthony Green’s wailing near-falsetto is screechy and irritating on previous Circa tracks, but for some reason, since listening to Blue Sky Noise, I’ve kind of fallen in love with it. Imaginary Enemy is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while and I find myself singing Every Way under my breath on an hourly basis.

If you haven’t heard Circa Survive here’s a taster:

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Go Fug Yourself: Fugs and Pieces

Oh those fug girls, how they make me laugh. I've been reading gofugyourself for years and it keeps getting better and better. The site is basically two very witty and fashion-loving ladies who like to dissect the outfits worn by celebrities and either commend them for their (or their stylist's) good taste, or ask them rhetorically how much crack they've smoked to leave the house in such a ridiculous getup. 

The ladies over at Go Fug Yourself have started to post something a little different on Fridays. Fugs and Pieces is little things from the internet that are funny, interesting, heartwarming or down right disturbing. Its everything you need to see without spending hours surfing for it. I love it. I look forward to their shared links every Friday. An example of this weeks Fugs and Pieces. And from the list, a little treat: When vandalism is funny.


Monday, 12 April 2010

Cadburys Mini Eggs

Oh Cadburys, you are always a constant in my life. Guys come and go, fashions change, but you are always delicious.

Easter has been and gone, and here in the US they do it a little differently. At home in England, we get big Easter eggs with chocolate bars and such; but here they have Easter candy, like pastel coloured m&ms, chocolate bunnies and weird marshmallow monstrosities called peeps.

What I like to do, the day after a big holiday like Valentines or Easter, is go to Walmart or CVS and pick up the candy half off. This Monday, I went to my local CVS and what do I find? Cadburys mini eggs! They have very little Cadburys chocolate over here, and it doesn’t taste quite right, but it’s better than eating Hershey’s which tastes like sick, literally.

I was overjoyed. A taste of home, with 75% off! I bought three large bags and they’re all gone. There’s nothing better than that sugar shell wrapped around a little egg of chocolate heaven.

Thanks Cadburys for being there for me, yet again.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Oh Glee, why are you so awesome? Is it because you have lines like, “I'm reasonably confident that you will be adding revenge to the long list of things that you are no good at; Right next to being married, running a high school Glee Club, and finding a hairstyle that doesn't make you look like a lesbian.” And “I’m rolling on a fistful of horse tranquilizers. I can’t feel my lips.”

Perhaps it’s the fact that Jane Lynch is a comic genius and cannot deliver a line badly, ever.

Perhaps it's the writer's huge balls, writing story-lines that involve making fun of deaf people, wheelchair users, homosexuals and Jewish people, but always redeeming themselves.

Perhaps it’s because Corey Monteith who plays Finn on the show is super cute and adorable, even though he really can’t sing all that great.

Or perhaps it’s because all of these things combined makes Glee one of the best shows on television right now.

Glee returns to Fox in the US on April 13th.

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Thursday, 1 April 2010

War of the Roses

I have a bad habit of wanting to be all up in everybody's business. I can't help it. I don't exactly pry, but if you're going to lay it all out there for a perfect stranger to take in, I'll certainly give you the attention you're looking for.This is why I love War of the Roses. I thought it was a KDWB, (a Minnesota radio station) exclusive segment, but I guess radio stations all over the country have this feature.

Here's the premise: A lady, well, usually a lady, will get in touch with KDWB because she suspects that her significant other is cheating on her. A female DJ, will call then suspected cheater and pretend to be from a cell phone company, and she's wanting to give a short survey asking the suspect about their satisfaction with their cell service, and in return they can send romantic, red roses to a person of their choice. Three questions later, all hell breaks loose.

There is no happy way to end War of the Roses, but hilarity always ensues. Either, the person sends the flowers to a person who isn't on the phone, and leaves the culptit fumbling for an explanation or excuse as to why they're sending Sarah romantic red roses, and not Jane. Or the person sends the flowers to the 'right' person, but is pissed that their business is all up on the radio.

To hear an epic War of the Roses, visit http://www.daveryanshow.com/main.html, and look under the Dave On Demand feature.

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Paramore's Use Somebody Cover

Oh we all know how I feel about Paramore and Hayley Williams. I can't help it.

This is old, but wonderful....

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Girls Aloud Eyelashes

I was never one for false eyelashes. The thought of gluing fake hair to my eyes seemed incredibly strange and incredibly vain to me. Of course, I didn’t bank on my love for Girls Aloud being combined with my need to thicker, longer lashes.

For so long I’ve spent a small fortune on mascara, trying to find the right brand and style that make my eyelashes full of impact. Maybelline, Bourjouis, Benefit, Rimmel, no one had the perfect formula. Then a few months back on a night out, I noticed my friend’s eyes looked amazing. I asked her the secret and she replied ‘Oh, I’m wearing Cheryl Coles.’ I was so confused. I’ve blogged before about my love for Cheryl and Girls Aloud in general. Turns out, the ladies each designed a set of eyelashes.

Each set is different, Cheryl’s are thick and flicked, and Kimberly’s are long but more natural. Between us, I think my friends and I have everyone’s, and we can chop and change for any occasion. When I dressed as Audrey Hepburn I wore Cheryl’s pair; for my birthday, Nadine’s. They’re re-usable, so the £5.95 price tag is a steal. They make your eyes look amazing and you can cut and trim them to suit your eyes.

Check out the range at Superdrug, Boots and New Look in the UK.

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Sunday, 7 March 2010


Living abroad is a lot of fun, but there are always those at home whom you miss. It used to be, that when you were thousands of miles away, writing letters, postcards, or spending a small fortune on phone calls from crackling public phone boxes was the only way to keep in touch. Of course now we have the internet, email and the saviour of my bank account, Skype.

Skype is free to download. Free. You can make Skype to Skype calls for free. Free. Last week I had a ‘conference call’ with my friend who is living in Australia and my friend back home in the UK. We were in very different time zones, with me in an entirely different day, but not one of us had to pay for that thirty minute phone call. Free!

And even if you’re not calling a fellow Skype user, the cost is so low. My friends calling my American cell phone pay 1p a minute, and texting is 5 pence. Being in the US, I have to pay a little more, with a call to a cell phone being 14p a minute, but to a landline I’m still only paying 1p a minute. So I can talk to my parents for an hour for the same price as a mars bar. Amazing.

I can’t begin to explain how great it is to be in such easy contact with home when you’re away from everything you know and all the people that make your life at home. Skype truly is a life changing communication tool. My parents, at 63 and 58 years old, have just brought a webcam and downloaded Skype so they can video chat with me regularly. For a couple who still struggle to use more than one browser window, it proves how simple and easy Skype is to use.

Download it here.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

£1 Primark Ring

I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge Primark fan. I know they have shady practices when it comes to the production of their clothing, but I am a student with little money and being able to buy accessories for £1 makes my life a little bit brighter. I wish I wasn’t this shallow, but I’m afraid I am just a little bit.

Oversize rings are cute and give an outfit a little oomph. I rarely wear jewellery other than necklaces, so when I want to have some effect, I choose a chunky ring. This one is perfect as it’s white and goes nicely with a faux pearl necklace set I have. And it’s ONE POUND. £1 won’t even buy you a litre of petrol now.

Give your hands some impact.

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