Thursday, 1 April 2010

War of the Roses

I have a bad habit of wanting to be all up in everybody's business. I can't help it. I don't exactly pry, but if you're going to lay it all out there for a perfect stranger to take in, I'll certainly give you the attention you're looking for.This is why I love War of the Roses. I thought it was a KDWB, (a Minnesota radio station) exclusive segment, but I guess radio stations all over the country have this feature.

Here's the premise: A lady, well, usually a lady, will get in touch with KDWB because she suspects that her significant other is cheating on her. A female DJ, will call then suspected cheater and pretend to be from a cell phone company, and she's wanting to give a short survey asking the suspect about their satisfaction with their cell service, and in return they can send romantic, red roses to a person of their choice. Three questions later, all hell breaks loose.

There is no happy way to end War of the Roses, but hilarity always ensues. Either, the person sends the flowers to a person who isn't on the phone, and leaves the culptit fumbling for an explanation or excuse as to why they're sending Sarah romantic red roses, and not Jane. Or the person sends the flowers to the 'right' person, but is pissed that their business is all up on the radio.

To hear an epic War of the Roses, visit, and look under the Dave On Demand feature.

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Anonymous said...

You do realize that War of the Roses, Cheaters Club and certain other bits on KDWB are fake don't you?

The reason they are funny is because they are scripted and acted out by people hired by the station.