Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Boys with Guitars: Pt II

Following on from Nicci’s past post ‘Boys with Guitars’, I bring you more hotness amplified by stringed acoustic and electric instruments.

Jason Mraz: Because he got missed off last time and because I’ve seen him live and he is not only super talented and original, but pretty fly. 

Guy Berryman from Coldplay: Attention is often drawn away from Guy by the large marker pen etchings on Chris Martin’s hand, but he is hot, hot, hot.

Alex Turner: Lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys. Not really all that hot, but when he has a guitar in his hands (even the silly way he plays it, all fast and high up), it makes me a lot more attracted to him.

Pete Wentz: Far too much hair straitening, guyliner, and stupid kid name calling, but again, I have a huge crush because he plays guitar. I also like his bromance with John Mayer. 

Michael Cera: If you need to know why Michael is awesome, then you haven’t read this blog from the early days. My crush amplified when he played and sang ‘Anybody Else But You’ at the close of Juno.  

And lastly, because you can never have enough John Mayer:

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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Fish Finger Sandwiches

The staple of any student diet, the fish finger sandwich is a delicacy. It’s quick to make - ten minutes under the grill and you have a lunch which is warm, nutritious and covers a multitude of food groups. If you’re feeling wild, throw a slice of cheese in there and watch it melt to perfection.

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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hamish and Andy

These two are perhaps my best discovery of the year. Ham and Ando are funny. So funny in fact, that as I’ve been listening to their podcast in my car, I’ve been laughing so much that other drivers have thrown me worried looks. It’s a good job I do a lot of my driving these days in the dark evenings of winter.

A little bit about the boys: They have a radio show which is syndicated across Australia. They are also on a show called Rove which is like Conan, but better. Mostly, Hamish and Andy just do stuff that lads do best, but they are so witty with it. Hamish is obvious a student of the Office and is therefore someone who I desperately want to be mates with. We have the same sense of humour and the fact that we are of a similar age makes me green with envy, these guys are getting paid to have fun and be themselves.

This is the kind of thing they do: 

A couple of weeks ago, they drove across Australia from Melbourne to Darwin ‘hugging the country’. Their podcasts from the fortnight were hilarious. Among other adventures, they went UFO spotting, swan in crocodile infested rivers, tried to spot 50 wild camels and drank goats milk straight from the goat. 

This week they released a CD on the same day as Britney’s Circus. The next day, Hamish got pneumonia. The boys think Britney poisoned Hamish so they declared war, I can't wait to see how it ends.

More Hamish and Andy here: www.hamishandandy.com.au

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