Sunday, 24 January 2010

£1 Primark Ring

I’m not going to lie, I’m a huge Primark fan. I know they have shady practices when it comes to the production of their clothing, but I am a student with little money and being able to buy accessories for £1 makes my life a little bit brighter. I wish I wasn’t this shallow, but I’m afraid I am just a little bit.

Oversize rings are cute and give an outfit a little oomph. I rarely wear jewellery other than necklaces, so when I want to have some effect, I choose a chunky ring. This one is perfect as it’s white and goes nicely with a faux pearl necklace set I have. And it’s ONE POUND. £1 won’t even buy you a litre of petrol now.

Give your hands some impact.

Posted By: Cat

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Now I’m temporarily living in the US, there will be many entries relating to food on here. The first I dedicate to Flipz:

When I was a young scamp of about fourteen, these chocolate covered pretzel snacks launched in the UK. I remember our school vending machines stocked them and I fell in love. Then they disappeared, never to be seen again in our Island nation.

But wait; I have been reunited with the Flipz and let us never be apart again! The salty pretzel and the sweet chocolate make a union of awesomeness to create a snack so more-ish, I’m surely going to double in weight while I’m living over here.

Posted By: Cat