Friday, 9 October 2009

The JAM wedding

Nicci and I are both Office fans and I think I speak for us both when I say that the wedding of Jim and Pam has been the TV moment we’ve both been waiting for.

I watched as Jim loitered by reception a little too long in season 1 and made puppy dog eyes at Pam while she left at 5pm each night with Roy. I was on the edge of my seat when the twenty two second silence between them on the Booze Cruise pointed toward a shift in their relationship. My heart lept into my throat when Jim announced ‘I’m in love with you’ and Pam answered with ‘I can’t’. My hopes were dashed when Jim went to Stamford and a new voice in background answered the phone with ‘Dunder Mifflin, this is...’

Then Jim came back! But he had a Karen! I cried a little with Pam in the corridor and wanted to comfort her but Dwight got there first and talked about PMS. I felt pleasure in Karen’s misery when Jim admitted that he still loved Pam but booed loudly when Pam went home with Roy at Phyllis’ wedding. Then fancy new Beesley got up in front of the Office after walking over hot coals and admitted that she missed Jim. It was bye bye Karen, hello PB & J. The tears in Pam’s eyes when Jim asked her out to dinner were mirrored in mine.

I longed for my own Jim while Pam fell more in love with hers. A few fake-out proposals later and they got their perfect moment in the rain and Pam got a ring on her finger. Pam came back the wrong way to be with Jim and he bought her a house. Now they’re knocked up and proud and just had the wedding (or two) of the year. Getting married under Niagra Falls is an epic topper to an epic relationship.

Not only that, but this happened:


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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Paramore: Brand New Eyes

I love Paramore.
I’ve made it no secret that I love Hayley Williams and want to be her. She’s super talented and is the lead singer of a cool rock band and she’s not even 21 yet. I also covet her hair. I long to be alternative with red hair but when I suggested it to my hairdresser, she politely reminded me that I’m the palest woman in a thirty mile radius and I should avoid washing myself out anymore.

Brand New Eyes is Paramore’s new album; number three. I love it already and have been playing it over and over. It’s not a big departure from Riot or All We Know is Falling, it has some ‘turn up and scream along’ songs, but it also has some pretty, slower tempo tunes. There are eleven new tracks, with Decode, their song from the Twilight soundtrack, making twelve.

I love, love, love Looking Up, it reminds me of travelling. Listening to the lyrics, there are a few nods to the band almost breaking up a while back, but never fear for they are here to stay! .... I hope.

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