Friday, 29 August 2008

Buzz Cut Boys

Yes, they might look like criminals but they look like hot criminals! Why bother with a haircut when you can just shave it all off and look like these hotties?

David Beckham. His hair is copied by everyone and their mother and he would look hot with a ginger mullet, but this is his best look.

John Mayer. He was hot before, but now he’s even hotter!

Justin Timberlake. Kid used to have an afro and was in a boyband; shaves his head and goes solo and becomes one of the biggest artists in the world. (note: being shirtless helps)

Joshua Jackson. He was cute as Pacey, but even cuter when he did this to his hair.

Wentworth Miller. Oh hello hotness! I would break into prison to get a piece of Wentworth.

Now if only Josh Harnett would take note....

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Tuesday, 26 August 2008


My brother Ian has pretty weird tastes. The other week when he insisted we watch this show called "Squidbillies", I had a feeling it would be pretty weird. However, I had no idea that it would be the funniest thing I've ever seen or make Ian and I talk in horrible, stereotypical Southern accents whenever we are in one another's company.

I stole this from Wikipedia: Squidbillies follows the exploits of the Cuyler family and their interactions with the local populace, which usually resorts in a fair amount of destruction, mutilation, and death. Themes include the family's overt racism against white people (Chalkies), Early's dalliances with Krystal, their sketchy friendship with the Sheriff, run-ins with celebrities, their crushing poverty, and the machinations of Dan Halen. The series has very little continuity storyline progression and character development are present to an extent, but characters will frequently die and return unharmed — often without explanation, and sometimes in the very same episode.

I was going to post a youtube clip but I can't find the one I want, so I'll just link to their official webiste, I guess that's what it is, and there are a ton of clips on there. - -
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Long Way Round/Down

In 2004, Ewan McGregor and his best mate Charley Boorman decided to ride their motorbikes from London to New York, the long way round. The journey took them across Europe, into Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, back into Russia along the Road of Bones and then across to Alaska where they made it to New York by travelling through Canada and the US. Because they had such a great time, three years later they decided to ride from John O’Grotes (The UK’s northernmost point) down to Cape Agulhas (Africa’s southernmost tip).

There are books and DVD’s of their journeys which were life altering for both Ewan and Charley. I only just got into watching Long Way Down when it began repeating on TV few months ago, and brought Long Way Down on DVD soon after.

I can’t describe exactly why I love this idea so much. Best mates, on a journey of a lifetime (or two journeys), meeting amazing people. As they ride through some of the poorest places in Africa, the people they meet are astounding in their generosity. These people have nothing, they life off their land, yet they invite the boys in, not knowing Ewan McGregor is Obi Wan Kanobi or any of that superficial crap, and they share what they have with them. A lot of misconceptions I had about certain countries have been quashed by this programme.

It makes me want to buy a motorbike and take off. Too bad I hate motorbikes.

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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Décopatch Paper

Yes, I like crafts. Don’t laugh. I have a box in my wardrobe that has paints, stickers, card and all that jazz in it. Recently while browsing in my local all purpose stationary and craft shop, I stumbled upon Décopatch paper. I love this stuff. It’s simple really, it’s just pretty patterned, thin paper. You can cover anything with it. I’m a big fan of buying cheap photo frames and covering them with décopatch paper. Here’s one I made recently:

Of course, they try and make you buy special varnish to apply the paper with, but I use basic PVA glue because it dries clear and gives the frame a nice shine. If you want to give someone a gift instead of wasting money buying something they won’t use, make them something, it’ll mean a whole lot more to them.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Stupid Glasses

I have a love for ridiculous eyewear.

Luckily, now is a time in fashion when wearing heart shaped red rims, or oversize frames that help you to resemble an insect is acceptable. I have a strange yearning for turquoise Wayfarers, but I have nothing remotely cool to team them with. I have a pair of French Connection shades that I paid way too much for and are far too large for my narrow face, but I wear them everywhere. I wear them when it’s cloudy outside and I’m driving home. My face feels naked without them.

I blame the media. They have shown me Rachel Bilson in cute red Raybans, Sienna Miller in aviators and Girls Aloud in huge Dior wraparounds. Is my brain so mal-programmed that I believe I will be as beautiful as these women if I wear these ridiculous attention seeking frames? Perhaps. I know is wrong, but as I sit here and type, a pair of white heart shaped shades are asking me to by them. Oh dear.

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I am not a real patriotic person. At all. I could get into the reasons, but that's another post for another time. However, once every 4 years I get all giddy American-like, and for this I'd like to thank the swimmers.

I'm not an athletic person at all either, but I watch a lot of sports, and while I don't understand most of it, I love to talk trash and root for the upset. With Michael Phelps, I didn't want an upset. I wanted that gawky bastard to win 8 gold medals, and I wanted him to break world records. I was like, literally getting nervous before his races, texting my bff about how nervous I was for him, some dude I don't even know, and demanding race recaps when I was at work missing them.

...and sometimes he is oddly cute. Oddly cute. He has enough money to drive a Range Rover, but not enough money to get his happy ass to an orthodontist? I shouldn't talk, my brothers inherited the good teeth genes, but I also am not a professional athlete.

Ryan Locthe. I can never spell his name right, and odds are I didn't spell it right here, but he is a surprise crush. For one, he wore a grill on the medal stand. Not like a Weber grill, or a Foreman grill, but a Nelly Lemme See Your Grill, grill.
Also this video might solidify that he might be my soul mate:

And...this is making me and my office mate laugh uncontrollably because it is probably true.
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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is my idol.

Mindy is a writer on The Office, which just happens to be my favourite show. Not only that, but she is responsible for my favourite episode, The Injury. She also stars as the perky but bunny boiling Kelly Kapoor, who wears fluffy pink cardigans and wants to call her kid Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor.

Not only does she have a career I am desperate for, but Mindy is smart, funny and cute as a button. Her blog things I bought that I love is the inspiration for our blog, only she is a writer on a hit TV show so has more money than us; which means that she can write about Louboutins because she can afford them.

From time to time, Mindy writes articles for various publications. She recently wrote an article for Marie Claire about peeing her pyjamas, how random! This is why I love her.

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Loreal Lipgloss

You can’t get these in the UK, and I can’t understand why. They come in a variety of fun colours and are so tasty. The gloss doesn’t come off every five seconds and instead, has that sticky feel which I like. The little squeezy tubes fit handily into the tiniest of handbags or if you’re more laid back then they're very jean pocket friendly. I don’t remember them being expensive either, just a shame you have to go to America to get them.

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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Kanye West

If I had an alter-ego who just happened to be an outspoken Black man, I'd like to think it would be Kanye West. I can't even really explain where my deep seeded love for Kanye originates. I think I've always been envious of people who speak their mind and to put it frankly, just not give a fuck. And to top it off, he wears fun clothes. I also really like his music too.

I don't think I have it in me to throw a fit when things don't go my way, but Kanye does.

As much as I disagree with pretty much everything the President of the United States does, I don't think I would go on television and says, "George Bush doesn't care about black people." But Kanye did.

I'd love to wear those cool white glasses with the slots, but I never could. Kanye did though.

Kanye is just the opposite of everything I am, and I kind of envy him for that.

Except for being a dope rapper, I am a pretty dope rapper.

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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Viva La Vida

I’m not a huge Coldplay fan, but I like them enough to own their albums. Mostly, I find their pretentiousness and Chris Martin’s holier-than-thou attitude a little off putting. What I am loving though, is Viva La Vida, a song from their new album of the same name.

The song is about the Crusades apparently, which is a rather interesting topic to write a song about. Trust Coldplay to shun the ‘usual’ songwriting topics of love, loss and hope to write about one of the bloodiest and pointless battles in World history. Although I suppose you could argue that the Crusades were all about love, loss and hope... clever.

The reason I love this song is simple – it makes me want to dance like Chris Martin, in that jerky, ‘i-have-a-stick-up-my-arse-and-i’m-trying-to-dislodge-it?’ way. The strings that start with that jaunty da,dun,dun,da,da,da,dun; the engaging story of a man who had everything and lost it; lyrics like 'Just a puppet on a lonely string. Oh, who would ever want to be king?’ just make my heart happy and I can’t explain it. I love every second of the 4:06 play time. According to itunes, it’s been played twenty-four times when the rest of tracks on the album have been played twice.

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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Step Up 2 The Streets

Step Up 2 The Streets is just recently out on DVD in the UK. I saw this movie twice at the cinema, and I have no good reason for it...apart from the fact that it’s awesome!

For a long time I was telling my friends we were seeing Step Up 2 (colon) The Streets, then one of them pointed out the ridiculously clever point that if you say it all at once, it becomes Step Up to the Streets. My appreciation only grew.

If you’ve seen Step Up, then you’ve seen Step Up 2, just replace Channing Tatum (hotness!) with Briana Evigan. That girl can dance way better than Channing though! Throw in some misfits who just happen to have moves that Justin Timberlake would kill for, and you have the funnest movie of the year.

If nothing else, just rent it for the dance sequence finale. Dancing in the rain may be a cliché, but when you’re doing it to a mash up of hip hops beats with hoodies and sexy heavy breathing then how can you go wrong?

Hotness rating: 3 (out of 5) – Channing shows up for about five minutes to dance to T-Pain in a huge t-shirt, other than that you have to make do with Robert Hoffman. Of course, if that’s making do, I’ll make do any time.

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