Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Stupid Glasses

I have a love for ridiculous eyewear.

Luckily, now is a time in fashion when wearing heart shaped red rims, or oversize frames that help you to resemble an insect is acceptable. I have a strange yearning for turquoise Wayfarers, but I have nothing remotely cool to team them with. I have a pair of French Connection shades that I paid way too much for and are far too large for my narrow face, but I wear them everywhere. I wear them when it’s cloudy outside and I’m driving home. My face feels naked without them.

I blame the media. They have shown me Rachel Bilson in cute red Raybans, Sienna Miller in aviators and Girls Aloud in huge Dior wraparounds. Is my brain so mal-programmed that I believe I will be as beautiful as these women if I wear these ridiculous attention seeking frames? Perhaps. I know is wrong, but as I sit here and type, a pair of white heart shaped shades are asking me to by them. Oh dear.

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