Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I am not a real patriotic person. At all. I could get into the reasons, but that's another post for another time. However, once every 4 years I get all giddy American-like, and for this I'd like to thank the swimmers.

I'm not an athletic person at all either, but I watch a lot of sports, and while I don't understand most of it, I love to talk trash and root for the upset. With Michael Phelps, I didn't want an upset. I wanted that gawky bastard to win 8 gold medals, and I wanted him to break world records. I was like, literally getting nervous before his races, texting my bff about how nervous I was for him, some dude I don't even know, and demanding race recaps when I was at work missing them.

...and sometimes he is oddly cute. Oddly cute. He has enough money to drive a Range Rover, but not enough money to get his happy ass to an orthodontist? I shouldn't talk, my brothers inherited the good teeth genes, but I also am not a professional athlete.

Ryan Locthe. I can never spell his name right, and odds are I didn't spell it right here, but he is a surprise crush. For one, he wore a grill on the medal stand. Not like a Weber grill, or a Foreman grill, but a Nelly Lemme See Your Grill, grill.
Also this video might solidify that he might be my soul mate:

And...this is making me and my office mate laugh uncontrollably because it is probably true.
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