Saturday, 23 August 2008

Décopatch Paper

Yes, I like crafts. Don’t laugh. I have a box in my wardrobe that has paints, stickers, card and all that jazz in it. Recently while browsing in my local all purpose stationary and craft shop, I stumbled upon Décopatch paper. I love this stuff. It’s simple really, it’s just pretty patterned, thin paper. You can cover anything with it. I’m a big fan of buying cheap photo frames and covering them with décopatch paper. Here’s one I made recently:

Of course, they try and make you buy special varnish to apply the paper with, but I use basic PVA glue because it dries clear and gives the frame a nice shine. If you want to give someone a gift instead of wasting money buying something they won’t use, make them something, it’ll mean a whole lot more to them.

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