Friday, 29 August 2008

Buzz Cut Boys

Yes, they might look like criminals but they look like hot criminals! Why bother with a haircut when you can just shave it all off and look like these hotties?

David Beckham. His hair is copied by everyone and their mother and he would look hot with a ginger mullet, but this is his best look.

John Mayer. He was hot before, but now he’s even hotter!

Justin Timberlake. Kid used to have an afro and was in a boyband; shaves his head and goes solo and becomes one of the biggest artists in the world. (note: being shirtless helps)

Joshua Jackson. He was cute as Pacey, but even cuter when he did this to his hair.

Wentworth Miller. Oh hello hotness! I would break into prison to get a piece of Wentworth.

Now if only Josh Harnett would take note....

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