Monday, 12 April 2010

Cadburys Mini Eggs

Oh Cadburys, you are always a constant in my life. Guys come and go, fashions change, but you are always delicious.

Easter has been and gone, and here in the US they do it a little differently. At home in England, we get big Easter eggs with chocolate bars and such; but here they have Easter candy, like pastel coloured m&ms, chocolate bunnies and weird marshmallow monstrosities called peeps.

What I like to do, the day after a big holiday like Valentines or Easter, is go to Walmart or CVS and pick up the candy half off. This Monday, I went to my local CVS and what do I find? Cadburys mini eggs! They have very little Cadburys chocolate over here, and it doesn’t taste quite right, but it’s better than eating Hershey’s which tastes like sick, literally.

I was overjoyed. A taste of home, with 75% off! I bought three large bags and they’re all gone. There’s nothing better than that sugar shell wrapped around a little egg of chocolate heaven.

Thanks Cadburys for being there for me, yet again.

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