Sunday, 14 March 2010

Girls Aloud Eyelashes

I was never one for false eyelashes. The thought of gluing fake hair to my eyes seemed incredibly strange and incredibly vain to me. Of course, I didn’t bank on my love for Girls Aloud being combined with my need to thicker, longer lashes.

For so long I’ve spent a small fortune on mascara, trying to find the right brand and style that make my eyelashes full of impact. Maybelline, Bourjouis, Benefit, Rimmel, no one had the perfect formula. Then a few months back on a night out, I noticed my friend’s eyes looked amazing. I asked her the secret and she replied ‘Oh, I’m wearing Cheryl Coles.’ I was so confused. I’ve blogged before about my love for Cheryl and Girls Aloud in general. Turns out, the ladies each designed a set of eyelashes.

Each set is different, Cheryl’s are thick and flicked, and Kimberly’s are long but more natural. Between us, I think my friends and I have everyone’s, and we can chop and change for any occasion. When I dressed as Audrey Hepburn I wore Cheryl’s pair; for my birthday, Nadine’s. They’re re-usable, so the £5.95 price tag is a steal. They make your eyes look amazing and you can cut and trim them to suit your eyes.

Check out the range at Superdrug, Boots and New Look in the UK.

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