Thursday, 30 October 2008

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

This show has been running for years and I've been a casual viewer since I was allowed to stay up past 9pm (a whole two years now. Ba dum dum!). Now I'm hooked. For those not in the know, Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a music based panel quiz show with two teams who don't really care about the scores, or the questions, but instead, who can be funnier while answering them. It's shown on BBC2 in the UK.

In my humble opinion, the show has gotten better since Simon Amstell took over from Mark Lamarr. I don't care what they say, sarcastic = funny. I just watched this weeks episode and laughed so loud I could be heard throughout the house. That is not a common occurrence.

The show is funniest when an egotistical, self absorbed musician can't laugh at themselves and wears sunglasses the whole way through. Even better when they walk out and are replaced by an audience member a la Preston from the Ordinary Boys.

You can watch it online at BBC iplayer.

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