Friday, 3 October 2008


Lost and X-Files got drunk, one thing led to another and this little bundle of joy appeared. It borrows heavily from the X-Files case load of paranormal happenings and unresolved sexual tension, along with the production scale of Lost, and it’s habit of providing more questions than answers.

The brain-child of JJ Abrams (creator of the aforementioned Lost), this show is part of Fox’s fall schedule and just got a full season order. The first episode is a feature length 90 minutes and sets us up with a plane landing itself at Boston's Logan Airport with everyone on board reduced to a pile of rotting flesh hanging off bones. Awesome! The rest of the episodes so far are an entertaining mix of spooky, crazy, witty and quite frankly idiotic writing. I love it. None of the science stuff really makes an ounce of sense, but it doesn’t matter, because you’re already hooked.


The cast includes the ever wonderful and cute Joshua Jackson who is basically Pacey Witter all grown up (with a few extra IQ points and having cut annoying Joey Potter free). His crazy daddy is a mad scientist who messed around with too much in the eighties and subsequently ended up in a mental hospital. Add in the flawless Olivia, FBI super agent and a few scary bald guys and you have yourself a hit!

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