Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Chuck vs. Ed

I am facing a serious dilemma.
And by serious, I mean not at all serious.

Who do I have a crush on?

Ed Westwick

or Chuck Bass?
I've spent the last two days watching the first season of Gossip Girl. Even though Chace Crawford is gorgeous, and Penn Badgely is a dead ringer for JM, I think it's Chuck that does it for me. But, when I watch youtube videos of Ed Westwick, and I feel nothing. BUT! There was an interview yesterday with Ed, and they asked him to say something Chuck would say, and he did, and I liked it.
The sad thing is I have really given this thought, and really have asked lots of people what choice they think I should make. I think the only real conclusion I've come to is that Gossip Girl is crack, and I am sad that I have class on Monday nights and can' get home in time to watch it.
Thank God for watching episodes online!
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