Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Yes, yes, this is nothing new. Thanks to Gossip Girl, the headband has been in a revival for the last eighteen months at least, but it’s still going strong and I still like it.

A headband comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. There’s the straightforward coloured plastic band which is functional and compliments any outfit. I like the predictability, you put it in and it’s there to stay. The little combs keep it firmly in place and it’s no nonsense; no straying of strands or slipping.

The scarf band is the pretty one, the attention grabber and show off. The heavy pattern compliments a block colour outfit and looks stunning. Its summery, its bold and its very Gossip Girl. The downside to this one though, is that unless it’s heavily secured with hair grips, it’s likely to slip off your silky hair and then you have a battle to get it back before someone spots that its sitting round your neck.

The braided band is a mixture of both, it’s pretty and eye-catching, but its practical and it’ll sit still for far longer than the scarf. The fashion seems to be to wear this one on your forehead, but I am not for one minute following that look thank you. As usual, Rachel Bilson looks super cute in this:

Its not going away, so get involved and make your hair a little more exciting.

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