Tuesday, 17 February 2009

My friend Dan

All the way from the ATL, my friend Dan has amazing talent of the creative variety. We may live over three and a half thousand miles away from one another, but she always remembers me and sends me the cutest cards and gifts.

For my upcoming birthday, she made me a hair band and necklace. As well as sending a Vera scarf and homemade card. I love homemade cards and gifts. I would rather have one thing homemade than something brought from a shop worth hundreds of pounds. When you make something for someone, you put in effort and while you make it, you’re thinking of them.

Dan has her own blog at Dan Dan Noodles  in which she posts some of her projects and tutorials. She also writes a blog for The Vera Company here: The Vera Company

In the past, she has made me this necklace and headband, which are staple accessory choices for me. The scarf is the aforementioned birthday gift. I tied it using one of her tutorials on The Vera Company blog.

Thank you Dan, you are truly awesome.

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DanDanNoodles said...

This makes me happy. I'm glad you liked the present!