Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cookies and Cream KitKat

Many of my posts on this blog are regarding food which, while incredibly unhealthy, tastes heavenly. Fear not, for change will not come soon! Step forward Cookies and Cream KitKat.

In London, there is a store of dreams called cyber candy (visit online here). Anytime we find ourselves near Covent Garden, my friends and I will visit and spend ridiculous amounts of money on imported candy and foodstuffs from foreign countries. It was my birthday recently, which coincided with my friend Caff’s trip to the capital. She returned with the aforementioned KitKat for me.

I have previously blogged about my love of the KitKat, but I had never heard of the cookies and cream variety. I have since learned this beauty is sold in Australia and New Zealand. Turns out it’s a treat which will live on in memory as a perfect blend of gluttony and awesomeness.

The cookies and cream KitKat resembles a KitKat chunky, but instead of the line of wafer, it has a base of Oreo cookie. Sleeping on top of this layer, like the hottest boyfriend you ever had, is a delicious creamy paste that tastes like the white inside part of a kinder egg. Inside this paste are sporadic moments of loveliness conveyed in the form of Oreo cookie chunks. Basically, its perfection. Almost.

Because there is no ying without yang, there must be a downside and the KitKat is no exception. The combo of chocolate, cookie, weird white paste and more cookies, is a devastating sugar overload that can fell even the most seasoned KitKat consumer. It took me about an hour to actually eat the whole bar, having to rest between bites and allow the sugar wave to subside before launching in for the next beautiful mouthful of goodness. This ‘downside’ has a silver lining however. It makes the bar last, which when you’re paying four times the cost of a normal kitkat, can only be a good thing.

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