Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Zeedonk

The Zeedonk is almost one of a kind. Back in 1971, Colchester Zoo had a little accident when they put their donkey heard in with their zebras. The Zeedonk was born and started a little craze that saw zoos around the UK trying to recreate their own unique sub-species. Now that we’re all nature conscious, Zeedonk breading has been put on hold and so Colchester Zoo’s little guy is all alone.

A Zeedonk basically looks like a donkey with zebra print leg warmers on. As with other crossbreeds, they are infertile, so no baby donks on the way. I love the Zeedonk because it’s so unique and I always feel so sad when I see him at the zoo and he’s all alone.

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