Thursday, 9 April 2009


This spring I have developed a sunglasses habit. I keep buying them, and I’m not even sure why. What I do know, from the two pairs sitting on my shelf, is that my buying tendency is towards aviators. I have a navy/black pair and a white pair. I rock the dark pair with leggings and long cardigans and the white pair with this cute white and navy dress I got last week.

The navy/black aviators are all business - they say ‘yes, it’s sunny and I think I’m cool’; they get the job done. The white rimmed ones are my ‘LOOK AT ME’ pair. They are not worn regularly, but instead compliment certain outfits. I feel their time might come while away on holiday in June, but there’s two months worth of sunglass buying time between now and then, so who knows.

You don’t need to be a cop or a pilot to look good in aviators, just wear them with confidence.

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