Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Spring has sprung in the UK! This is very exciting news because our good weather is few and far between. For the last couple of years our summers have been complete wash outs, so this year I’m going to enjoy spring while I can, just in case it’s the only warmth we get.

I love spring. The blacks and greys of winter fashion can be folded up and put in your bottom drawer and the bright dresses and vests of sunny weather can be worn with a smug smile. ‘Yes, it’s warm, and yes, this fabulous dress cost me £6 from Primark!’ The re-emergence of the flip-flop is also and exciting time for me, breaking them in again after six months of trainers and boots is always painful for one day, then rewarding for 100 more.

Spring is the time for blossom, cute baby animals and warmer, lighter evenings. I love driving home with the sun baking me through my car windows because my car is too old to have air-con and it’s too noisy to have the windows down on the motorway. My ipod playlists become poppier, my shoes become plimsolls and I have permanent marks on my nose from my sunglasses.

The best thing about Spring though, is that you can go to the park with your friends, have a picnic and chill out in the sunshine for free. Thank you Mother Nature.

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