Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Sims3

I wouldn’t class myself as a computer geek as such. Sure, I have a blog and I like to play on photoshop, but I also have a social life and work and other pursuits... except, bye bye to those for a while because the Sims3 just entered my life.

I’ve been all about The Sims since the first game was released when I was about 14. I love the control, the creativity and the overall feeling of achievement that comes with creating a sim and seeing them through life successfully (or if you get bored, trapping them in a room so they die of hunger). Perhaps it says something about my personality that my Sims are always perfect, reaching the top of their career ladders, achieving their wants and lifetime goals, and raising perfect children.

With this new upgrade, the Sims are far more free willed and you can customise literally everything. The game runs smoothly on my eighteen month old laptop with no glitches or crashing, something which has never happened to me with a Sims game before. There is also no loading screens when you decide to leave the house and no more waiting around.

My only complaint is that you can’t speed the game up when your Sims are at work or school, but at least you can now chose what they do whilst there, which is a compromise I guess.

I just wish I could stop playing.

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