Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Moon Fever

I love that the whole Western World seems to have gone crazy for New Moon. Our local cinema sold out all the

showings a week before the film opened and added double the screens on opening night and sold them out in hours. Everyone I know is talking about it.

We’ve blogged the books and the first movie, Twilight, so it seems only right that I continue the tradition. And it helps that New Moon is epic.

This time around we have a new director, a hotter, buffer Taylor Lautner (playing Jacob Black) and a now world famous Rob Pattinson. It helps that both of these gentlemen spend a good portion of the film with their shirts removed. Thank you. I would also like to add that this blog entry is merely an excuse to post hot pictures of the aforementioned gentlemen.

Twilight has its moments of being good, but New Moon is genuinely exciting. The moment that Jacob (spoiler alert!) goes from being all goofy, long haired kid to super hot, intense werewolf man is very hot. Almost everyone I know is now Team Jacob which would have meant nothing to anyone a year ago.

Don’t get me wrong, guys will hate this film; but if you’re a female who is easily sucked into the latest fad (such as myself), then you’ve probably already seen New Moon, and are probably seeing it again. Soon.

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