Monday, 23 November 2009

Battle Studies

Finally, after three years of messing about with famous women and popping up everywhere from Fantasy Factory to the Oscars, John Mayer has remembered that he’s actually a musician and he’s made an album!

When Battle Studies arrived on my doorstep last week, I was excited. I’m a big Mayer fan and I’d been following the process of recording and putting the record together through his website, twitter and some leaked live shows. I already knew a few songs on the album but the majority of the ten tracks were fresh to my ears.

And...I hated it. No, hate is too strong; I was disappointed. It was a departure from the blues/pop/rock that I’d grown used to the last few years. Instead, it sounds like a California, laid back rock record. Considering I’m currently in rainy, flood ravaged England anything that sounds like it should be accompanied by warm sunny breezes was a bit of a stretch. Plus it’s a concept album on heartbreak. Concept. Album.

Then I gave it some time. I felt it out, listened to it over and over and now...I love it. Now I can feel that warm sunny breeze and I like the laid back feel. I like that I don’t have to pretend to appreciate long guitar solos and can enjoy the lyrical quality. I still hate the cover art though. So. Bad.

My favourite tracks are Half of my Heart with our favourite Taylor Swift (although really, she should’ve had a lot more to do on the track than the measly three words she was given), Assassin is the coolest song I’ve heard in ages and Heartbreak Warfare makes me excited to see him live next year.

Welcome back Mayer. Let’s not make it such a long wait next time okay?

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