Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Robert Pattinson in Twilight

Every Wednesday, my friend Katie and I go and see a shit film. It’s our tradition and we usually pick pretty bad ones; The Women, House Bunny, Mamma Mia... the list goes on.

So last week we saw Twilight. We’d seen the trailer and it looked awful. I hadn't read the books, but knew about the whole Twilight fandom phenomenon from Nicci and from being alive with access to the internet - its everywhere. I knew that Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter was the leading man. I also thought that he was pretty fugly. In fact Katie referred to him as ‘Guffy McGee’. See for yourself:

The movie started. It was bad. There was a lot of blue steel-esque stares and annoying twitchy acting from Kristen Stewert. Pattinson was fug.

Then something happened.

All of a sudden, Edward Cullen was hot. So hot in fact, that Katie and I were having trouble containing our giggly assertion that Robert Pattinson was the hottest thing we’d seen in quite some time. I have never wanted to be bitten by a vampire as much as I did while watching that movie. The build-up to their kiss was excruciating, the pay off, steamy.

My brother called me when the film was done and I couldn’t concentrate on talking to him. Katie and I told all our friends that they needed to see the movie, if only for the hotness. Let’s not kid ourselves, the movie is still bad (flame away Twilight lovers, I dare you).

I got home and ordered the first two books. They arrived yesterday and I’ve already finished Twilight and am halfway through New Moon. Nicci has already blogged about them, but I can confirm they are like crack. I Googled Pattinson and thankfully, he had returned to his fugly ways. Was it just the vampire thing I found so attractive? The forbidden quality of it all? Then he went and cut his hair.


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