Tuesday, 13 January 2009



A lot of ladies wear them, maybe gentlemen do as well, I don't know. People call them ugly. People call them cute. I heard on the radio the other day girls who wear them come across as high maintenance. However, a week and a half ago I became a part of the growing population of ladies who wear Uggs.

I actually tried to do research for this blog entry.

Yesterday, I was giving out hot chocolate to students as a part of SCSU's winter kickoff, and I tried to count the number of girls who we were wearing Uggs. I gave up at around five girls. There were plenty of girls wearing them, but after two minutes of counting I realized I wasn't really looking at their faces, just their feet. I couldn't really differentiate between them.

Today was the real test for the Uggs though. Today it was -25 degrees, which is pretty intense. The uggs kept my feet super, super warm. The rest of my body was freezing to no end, but my feet, in which upon I wore no socks, (as per the directions written on the card that came with my boots) was the warmest part. I actually gave no thought to my feet at all.

So, did I only buy them because they're popular? That's a tiny part.

Did I only buy them because famous people wear them? Maybe a little.

But, are they the best purchase of the winter? Oh my god, yes.

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