Monday, 7 December 2009

I have never in my life related more to an animated character than I have Sally Brown. But as I read through the day by day tear off calendar I have on my work desk (I had about 5 months or so between jobs, so one morning was devoted exclusively to getting my Peanuts calendar up to date), I realized, "Holy crap, I'm the 25 year-old manifestation of a child cartoon character."

At first glance you would think that Sally and I don't have much in common. For one, she's fictional and I am real. Another thing is, Charlie Brown is her older brother, and I'm the eldest of my three siblings. However, we're both girls. We both have blonde hair. And there's a good chance something like this could come out of my mouth:
I'm addressing Christmas cards. Aren't they cute? Each one has a little bunny on it dressed up like a shepherd. Don't say I'm not religious!

And I feel I fit this description: S
he has a "take it easy" approach to life, preferring to slide by while doing as little work as possible. Her favorite pastime is sitting in her beanbag chair watching TV. She can be stubborn sometimes, and is usually convinced she's right until someone proves her wrong, but she also has a good heart and a strong moral sense; like her older brother she is extremely sensitive to the unfairness of life.

I even called my mom to ask her if she thought I was Sally Brownish, and she agreed wholeheartedly.

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