Thursday, 17 September 2009

Taylor Swift

We’ve been doing this blog for a year now, and although we agree on many of the things we post on here, Nicci and I have never written an entry together. And what is the honoured topic for this occasion? Well its right up there in bold. Taylor Swift.

Not only does she produce insanely catchy pop/country crossover songs, but she writes them, and performs them live. This is not a common occurrence in the world of teen pop idols. Her video for You Belong With Me is dorky and cute and the kind of video I would have made if I ever had an ounce of music talent or was a pop star. Playing two characters fighting over the same boy? Having a Cinderella style prom ending? Wearing huge geeky glasses? All amazing.

Sometimes I think that Taylor wrote the story of my teenage and early twenty years a few years too late. It’s amazing how relatable her songs are. Case and point: I sent a text to one of my best friends saying, “Youtube “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift.” She responded almost immediately saying, “Oh dear, that is us.” And there are like fourteen other songs of hers that tell the story of my life. I really think that most anyone can pinpoint a song on any of her two albums, or even a track of hers floating around that hasn’t found a home on an album and relate to it on an extremely personal level.

Not only does Taylor have major talent, but she genuinely seems like a classy and humble lady. She’s only nineteen, and where she could be out underage drinking and getting into cars sans underwear, she instead holds herself with respect. Her Twitter posts are witty, sweet and she never has a bad word to say about others. In other news, I covet her eyeliner. I, Nicci, love her because she represents for the tall girls. I should also add that besides her representing for the tall girls, she always seems legitimately excited to be wherever she is performing, always makes time for her fans, and seems genuinely interested in what her fans has to say and makes them feel like they’re one of her best friends.

Its rather topical for us to blog about Taylor. Since Sunday night she’s been the talk of internet Kanye West and his ever growing ego tried to steal her limelight with a jumped up idea of how he rules the world and ergo, award ceremonies. He’s almost twice Taylor’s age and yet she has a thousand times more class, composure and humility. Guess he's just mad because she's outsold him and his 808 repetitiveness.

Mostly we like her because we would like to be her best friend.

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