Saturday, 19 July 2008

Michael Cera

I have a big crush on Michael Cera. Mostly thanks to Superbad and Arrested Development, but since Juno came out earlier this year; I’ve been more vocal in my Cera appreciation.

My friends laugh when I tell them I might love Michael Cera but I’m not ashamed. The kid is smart, funny and looks like he wouldn’t pay for hookers. I might be wrong about that last part, but let’s hope not.

Watch Superbad again. Jonah Hill has the ‘big’ comedy moments – he gets hit by the cars, passes out into his crush’s face, the penis drawings... it goes on. Michael Cera’s funnies are subtle; Evan’s interaction with Maroki (the Asian kid with flour whiskers), the awkward ‘going-for-the-arm-but-hit-you-in-the-boob’ exchange and his preference for porn with production value.

Cera doesn't just say other peoples lines for money, he also created his on show on the web with his buddy Clark. I would love to be able to make a show with my friends and put it online for people to watch. I however, am not famous and do not have the built in fan base. You can watch Michael and his friend Clark be funny at

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