Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Boys With Guitars

When Cat and I first began our foray into randomness about 7 or 8 odd years ago we disagreed on the hotness of one Mr. Matt Damon (she called him a minger, I called him the father of my children, tomato, tomaaato or whatever). We both agree that there is one breed of boy out there that is strangely hot. Usually, their names start with J. And if they don't start with J, they are doing something else - they are holding a guitar.

Now, I will go through a list of hot guys who hold guitars.Jack Johnson. He probably wouldn't be crazy hot if he didn't play guitar.

This is Jesse Lacey. He plays in the band Brand New. I once showed a picture of him to Cat, and I think she said he was hotter holding the guitar. I might be wrong.

This is my crush of the moment Robert Pattinson. His name doesn't start with a J like the rest of the list but I think he is made exponentially hot here just buy holding a guitar with a hood over his head.

John Mayer. This is self explanatory.

JT. He beatboxes, dances AND plays guitar. Hot.

I don't have much else to say on the topic except that I probably missed some. I also meant to include Jason Mraz, but blogger was annoying me so when his picture got deleted off the post, so did his spot on the list.

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