Monday, 28 July 2008

Curly Fries

My friends and I spend a lot of time at a pub/restaurant in town called The Greengage. It’s a Hungry Horse pub which means the food is cheap and probably microwaved, but for some reason I love it. What I love the most though, are their curly fries. Why do they taste so much better than straight chips? How do they even make them curly? They must be coated in crack because I cannot get enough of them.

I asked Wikipedia my questions regarding the curly fry. Here is what it said: ‘Curly Fries are a kind of french fry characterized by their unique spring-like shape. They are generally made from whole potatoes that are cut using a specialised spiral slicer.’

More worryingly, it also said: Depending on the size of the order and any additional toppings, Curly Fries (which are frequently cooked in partially hydrogenated oil) may have between 300 and 700 calories per serving. Much of the caloric total is derived from fats and oils, making Curly Fries an exceedingly unhealthy food if intake is not moderated. In addition, the salt content in Curly Fries is generally greater than that of regular fries.

What does this mean for me if I am unable to moderate my intake? Check back in six months time when this blog is renamed ‘how I reached 350 pounds’.

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