Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Josh Hartnett

Oh Josh Hartnett! How far we have come since the days you adorned my bedroom walls. I’ve finished school, travelled the world and earned some moolah while deciding what to do with the rest of my life. Meanwhile, you have moved from one bad haircut to another and made some awful movies.

This blog is called things we like, and I promise I do like Josh Hartnett, I just like to mock him more.

It is thanks to Josh Hartnett that Nicci and I are friends across the pond. It is through our mockery of him that we bonded. I enjoyed his early foray into feature films – The Faculty was B-Movie awesomeness with a hot young cast; Pearl Harbour although awful, was made all the better by Josh in a uniform; Black Hawk Down was gritty, realistic and you could only work out who Josh was among the mud splattered faces because he had his name on his hat.

He’s dated some of the world’s most beautiful women: Scarlett Johannson, Helena Christianson, Gemma Ward, Rihanna; but yet he can’t get a decent haircut? As Nicci once said ‘here’s a super cuts voucher, get yourself a trim’. Many moons ago, an online petition started (in vain) to get him to sort it out. And don’t even get me started on the slug he’s cultivating on his top lip. Seriously?

This autumn, Josh is starring in the West End adaptation of Rain Man and I can guarantee you, I shall be in the audience.... silently mocking him.

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