Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hamish and Andy’s Tall Ship Adventure

This blog seems to have turned into a Oz/NZ love fest, so I’m revisiting another past post to bring more reasons why I like Hamish and Andy - Australia's finest.

Their Australian drive time radio show is now transmitted into Tasmania. To celebrate, the guys decided to sail across the Bass Straight to Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, in a 17th century tall ship (re-christened 'The Tally Shore'). They’ve named the voyage ‘Open Your Buccaneers Tasmania!'

Departure was scheduled for Monday but a hurricane warning left them docked in Melbourne’ harbour until Tuesday when the weather forecast was downgraded to gale force winds. Neither Hamish nor Andy has sailing experience and Hamish has prepared for the voyage buy getting an anchor tattooed on his bicep...and not doing much else. 

They chose naval ranks at random and ended up as Rear Admiral and Commodore. Because Hamish’s Rear Admiral outranks Andy’s Commodore, he is forcing Andy to marry a rat while in international waters - apparently this is something that you can do at sea. Poor Andy is not allowed to see his rat bride before the big day. So far, they haven't managed to do anything other than lay on deck and vomit. The swells reached 10ft on Wednesday night:

This is why I love Hamish and Andy. They take a small idea and let it snowball until it’s so random and ridiculous, that you just have to go along with it. They took a small group of listeners 'the peoples crew' to welcome the Tasmanians to the show. The first 24 hours of the trip consisted of them, and the peoples crew, vomiting due to severe sea sickness, but their show was still entertaining. To call it professionalism would be misguided, but it’s pretty cool.

You can follow their journey here: Open Your Buccaneers Tasmania!

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