Monday, 23 March 2009

The Flying Troutmans

I like reading, and sometimes I find a book that I literally cannot put down. In these cases, I'll consume a book in a day, forgetting anything else I should be doing. The Flying Troutmans was one of those books.

Hattie has to fly back to Canada from her crumbling relationship in Paris to take care of her sister Min’s kids when she’s put into a psych hospital. Hattie decides to take Thebes and Logan on a road trip to California to find their Dad, who hasn’t seen them in ten years.

Precocious Thebes and surly Logan are such rich characters, crafted with insight of how modern teens talk and react. I especially loved that eleven year old Thebes sometimes likes to talk in hip hop slang, while Logan drops an f-bomb or two while still being a sensitive, complicated fifteen year old.

I loved this book. The writing is original and stylistic not to mention relevant. 

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DanDanNoodles said...

cat cat cat! i havent read the book, its def on my "to read" list now.