Monday, 24 November 2008


I love Entourage. I also love this picture because it has the cast of Entourage and Kanye West. Anytime I can combine Kanye with anything is a good time to me.

Moving on...

Once upon a time I was a loyal Entourage viewer. This was when I was home from school on breaks, and my parents had not decided to forego the Direct TV package that had HBO in favor of some package that has every sports channel known to man. Why we need the Big Ten network is beyond me.

That being said, I've missed a few seasons, but this is why I love Netflix. I'm currently catching back up with the show, and while I've only gotten through Season 1, which I've seen like a billion times, this show never fails to deliver the laughs.

I don't think I could ever live in LA, but sometimes I wish I could act like Ari Gold. You know, funny, offensive one liners, (not that it is my goal in life to offend people), cool catch phrases and super cocky. I mean, I even have a shirt that says, "Let's hug it out". But I'm not, and I won't ever be, but whatever. A girl can dream.

Sure, Adrian Grenier is beyond amazingly goregous with his too good to be true blue eyes, and his amazing, amazing head of curly hair, but I think I really watch for Ari, Turtle and Drama. They make me laugh. I want to kick E off the show, because sometimes, to be quite honest, he pisses me off.

I think the season finale was last night, and Michael Phelps had like a 3 second cameo. I still don't have HBO at home, but the second I strike out on my own, that'll be the first thing I do.

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